Now DIGITAL pH measurement

Modern systems for digital data processing are characterized by a high reliability and a high quality of measurement. As our standard is “best available technology” (BAT), we will use digital sensors for pH measurement in all OKO-aquaclean flotation plants, emulsion breaking systems and industrial WWTPs from now on.

The pH value is a parameter to be exactly determined for all industrial wastewater treatment processes, such as heavy-metal precipitation, precipitation/flocculation, demulsification, paint coagulation or detoxification of cyanide and chromate. It is the basis for successful wastewater treatment. By switching from analogue to digital sensors, the proven process reliability of the OKO-tech wastewater treatment plants can be further increased. For all our customers using an OKO-aquaclean system, we offer a digital upgrade as part of the annual maintenance programme. We will be happy to make you an offer.

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