Working together for the environment in Berlin

The flotation system OKO-aquaclean 2500 was chosen to protect the groundwater from an extensive fuel-oil damage in Berlin. The objective of this protection project was to ensure efficient and safe removal of mineral-oil hydrocarbons as well as BTX.

Long-term successful experiences in this field of activity as well as the compactness of the OKO-aquaclean unit in connection with

- a high level of automation
- intelligent monitoring sensors and
- remote maintenance capability

were the main reasons why the operating service provider chose this system.

OKO-tech’s regional service partner also takes part in implementing the project. Their special know-how in pump technology enabled them to integrate and to link four wells on the site while continuously monitoring the hydro-geological requirements. This allows automatic removal of the contaminated water, taking into account the groundwater level. Our regional service partner also takes care of the routine maintenance procedures during operation, thus ensuring safe execution of this multi-year project.

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