for effluents

Verdampferanlagen für Abwässer in Grossansicht

Evaporator systems are an important process module for the treatment of industrial wastewaters. We use this distillation process quite frequently to meet customer requirements. Due to our longstanding experience with evaporators, we pay special attention to

  • efficient heat transfer
  • low power consumption and
  • low effort required for cleaning.

Considering the higher energy demand compared with high-performance flotation, evaporator systems are used when other physico-chemical treatment methods reach their technical and economical limits.

Therefore, evaporator systems are particularly used

  • for complexed heavy metals, e.g. in the presence of EDTA,
  • for non-volatile AOX,
  • for synthetic emulsions and emulsions that cannot be demulsified,
  • for water-soluble, non-volatile organics.

In these cases, the evaporator system is the preferred choice for successful waste water treatment. As plant manufacturer, we select the type of evaporator appropriate for your requirements from all the products on the market, such as vapour-compression vacuum evaporators or heat-pump evaporators. The evaporator is embedded in a customized package including the pretreatment steps necessary for separating solids, oil separation as well as neutralization.