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Extensive consultancy service concerning waste water, circulating water and plant engineering for effluent treatment.


We design waste water treatment plants and provide all necessary documents.

Plant Engineering

Design, manufacture and installation by our qualified and certified staff.


As a certified specialist according to the Federal Water Act, we offer annual maintenance.


We have been manufacturing systems for the treatment of industrial wastewater for over 30 years. Our experienced experts find a solution especially for wastewater that is not fit for indirect discharge because it is contaminated with oils, fats, heavy metals or paints, for example. Our OKO-aquaclean wastewater treatment systems pretreat this wastewater in such a way that it meets the requirements for discharge into a biological wastewater treatment plant.

Do you already know what kind of system you need for your wastewater? Excellent – just have a look at our products.

Would you like to get an overview of possible solutions for wastewater from your industry? No problem - you will find descriptions and case studies for (almost) all industries where mostly organic, oily wastewater is produced.

Every industry, even every single company, produces wastewater that is unique in its composition, even if the ingredients are apparently the same. Accordingly, the treatment must also be unique. Thanks to the proven modular design, the OKO-aquaclean systems can be individually adapted to customer-specific requirements. It is thus guaranteed that there are no unnecessary costs for wastewater treatment. Different treatment methods, which can be combined in different ways in just one unit, ensure the economical and energy-efficient removal of pollutants. Our systems help to protect our environment's resources, because the treated wastewater can also be reused when required.

Benefit from our wealth of experience and find out how smart industrial wastewater treatment works!

The OKO-aquaclean technologies provide a certified “best available technology” for each challenge in terms of economic efficiency and water quality. The basic version as oil-water separator according to DIN 858 – equipped as coalescence separator, if desired – for treating readily separable oil-water mixtures has stood the test of time for industrial use as well as for groundwater remediation.

OKO-aquaclean flotation plants coming with optional integrated UV-technology reliably remove tramp oils and particles from process waters such as cooling lubricants and degreasing baths, thus contributing to an extended life-time and hygienic safety in terms of an effluent-free production. Additional modules upgrade them to emulsion breaking systems which break most difficult emulsions into their recyclable original components.

For treating non-breakable emulsions, OKO-tech provides a new generation of energy-optimized evaporators.

Mobile oil-water separators support waste management companies in treating large quantities of waste water from stationary oil interceptors, grease interceptors and accidents. A high level of automation and quality control of the clear water contribute to the acceptance by regulatory authorities and to a good usability of the systems.

We stand for economical and ecological solutions up to effluent-free production at the highest standards and with the best available technologies (BAT).
Benefit from the experience and expertise of our application consultants for recirculating water for indirect discharge and effluent-free production.

OKO-tech Systems

Our expertise: Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

As a system provider, we are flexible as regards treatment methods, unlike most providers. We select the appropriate treatment method on the basis of customer requirements for their wastewater as well as on the economical and technical assessment of their objectives. We manufacture SMART PLANTS FOR SMART INDUSTRIES!

Flotation Plants

The sensor-controlled, high-performance flotation process in OKO-aquaclean systems allows for maximum separation efficiency and automation at the lowest operating cost. OKO-aquaclean can be used as a standalone solution or integrated into large systems.


Optimized evaporation methods for the treatment of industrial waste water by distillation. Implemented in consideration of efficient heat transfer, low power consumption and a low effort required for cleaning.

Mobile Oil-Water Separators

The mobile OKO-aquaclean plants remove oil from water reliably. Waste volumes are reduced by separating water from the material to be disposed of.

Physico-chemical WWTP / Wastewater Technology

The space-saving physico-chemical effluent treatment plants are for neutralising, precipitating, flocculating, detoxifying, and treating aqueous wastes.

Waste Water Treatment Methods

For the treatment of aqueous wastes, you can and must use various wastewater treatment systems. Every system is subject to a specific procedure - that is why different systems and therefore different wastewater treatment methods - are combined to an installation that meets the given requirements. Ultramodern and fine-tuned technology enables the perfect coordination of procedures for optimum treatment of various industrial waste waters. Our plant engineering department has developed systems that enable a customized combination of individual wastewater treatment processes. Find more detailed descriptions of the various procedures and modes of action of the wastewater treatment processes:

Treatment Methods for Industrial Effluents


Expertise in Industrial Sectors

A solution for all industrial sectors - but not the same solution everywhere. Industrial effluents are produced in all sorts of sectors. Every industry generates an individual wastewater load, depending on what is being produced. You have to know the characteristics of this "fingerprint" to treat contaminated industrial wastewater as ecologically and economically as possible. In addition, you have to be able to tailor your services and systems exactly to the customers' needs. Our extensive knowledge acquired over two generations shows our expertise and quality. Learn more by downloading our application examples.

Application Examples

Systems for treating industrial effluents

Industrial wastewater treatment is regulated by law in many areas. However, using efficient treatment systems does make sense in any case where legal regulations are lacking or where process waters are reused on a voluntary basis. There are different systems for improving process water quality, which work in different ways, for every industrial or commercial application. Where purely physical methods are not sufficient or cannot be used in a sensible manner, thermal or physical-chemical methods can be used as alternatives.The suitable method for treating an industrial waste water depends, in each case, on the type and the extent of the pollution as well as on the ambient conditions.

More on Wastewater Treatment Systems

Hazardous & contaminated wastewaters

In many production areas in the chemical and technical industry, enormous amounts of water are produced which can be a hazard to humans and the environment, as they can be heavily contaminated.  Where efficient production processes cannot avoid the accumulation of significant amounts of wastewater, an effective and cost-efficient solution for the separation and treatment of used water is required. In order to minimize the hazards for employees, uninvolved parties and the environment, the most modern procedures should be used. Progress and developments in the field of industrial waste water treatment are illustrated by our lectures and publications.

Publications & Lectures