Automotive Industry

Cars consist of a variety of components whose manufacture requires perfectly optimized processes: Modern engines, pistons and cylinders are masterpieces of metalworking with lowest fabrication tolerances.

Highest standards are required of the oil passage holes, as automatic transmissions are controlled by the oil pressure. Modern injection systems work with tiny nozzles which must withstand the pressure of a several thousand bars. High-purity components and workpieces are required to guarantee this precision. OKO-tech systems ensure reliably these extensive purification processes.

Our systems are proven solutions for treating wash waters to be reused as circulation water in terms of effluent-free production. Oil, grease and dirt particles have to be washed off the surfaces of the components and removed from the parts cleaning cycle – or there will be a loss of quality concerning the requirements of technical cleanliness.

Our waste water treatement systems are especially designed for this purpose and meet the requirements for optimum clean surfaces. OKO-tech flotation plants and evaporators carry out water treatment for the automotive industry in a fully automated, energy-efficient and economical way.

Our recommendations are based on an exact and thorough analysis of the individual requirements. From the results, we deduce the process of wastewater treatment, thus eliminating over- or under-dimensioned treatment. Unnecessary costs for acquisition and operation are avoided and the seamless integration of the cleaning processes into the existing operating structure is guaranteed. You do not need to hire an additional engineering office or planning office for the implementation. Our planning department will prepare all necessary documents for the realization of a new wastewater treatment system or the conversion or extension of an existing one.

The OKO-aquaclean® flotation systems can clean off free oils and pollutions from the cooling lubricant emulsions used in the production and machining of metal workpieces. Thus, the service life and lifetime of the cooling lubricants are prolonged considerably. 

Used cooling lubricant emulsions - often also referred to as drilling water or grinding emulsion - can be separated into the original components. By using organic splitting agents, charge neutralization of the emulsifiers is carried out. Our emulsion separation systems separate usable oil from the purified water. The purified wastewater can then be reused as process water or discharged into the sewerage with respect to the discharge limits. This is achieved in a space-saving, efficient and economical way.

Compared to other treatment processes, such as evaporation or centrifugation, OKO-tech flotation systems require only a fraction of electric power. No energy at all is required for heating or for reaching high peripheral speeds. If your company replaces conventional ultrafiltration with an OKO-aquaclean® flotation system, operating cost can be lowered by up to 73 percent.

Furthermore, you can individually test treatment of your waste water by means of the OKO-aquaclean® flotation systems under real-life conditions. This practical test can be carried out within a few days. Special test equipment is not required as we use a fully equipped OKO-aquaclean® 500 series machine for this purpose. The flow is 1-5 m³/h, depending on the wastewater composition. The test can be carried out directly on site.


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Case study automotive industry

Here you can download our case study for wastewater treatment in the automotive industry.