Chemical Industry

Water is used for multiple tasks in the chemical industry. It is used for cooling and as important solvent and cleaning agent for various applications. Therefore, chemical parks have large biological wastewater treatment plants where the waste water is finally treated. Prior to treating the water biologically, however, it has to be treated physico-chemically in most cases. OKO-tech systems are particularly suitable for this purpose.

OKO-tech waste water systems are used for

  • heavy-metal precipitation in batch operation or continuous operation,
  • separation of greases and oils by means of flotation,
  • demulsification,
  • vaporation of non-volatile, persistent substances.

We provide individual waste water treatment systems for all these tasks. Whether flotation plant, evaporator or physico-chemical treatment plants in batch operation or continuous operation, whether discharge into the sewer or wastewater-free production: OKO-tech wastewater treatment systems carry out these processes in an economical, fully automated and energy-efficient way.

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Case study chemical industry

Here you can download our case study for wastewater treatment in the chemical industry.