Food Industry

In food industry, there are high demands on cleanliness and purity of the production systems, due to hygienic reasons. Many products that are processed here, contain vegetable fats, animal fats, greases and oils. These substances get into the waste water when the production systems are cleaned. In order not to exceed the limits for discharge into the sewers, free fats, greases and oils can be removed by a grease trap in most cases.

This is not always possible, however. Due to high pressure and heat during the cleaning process (use of a high-pressure cleaner, e.g.) or the use of detergents (surfactants), greases and oils will emulsify. They cannot be separated by a grease interceptor anymore.

In order to manage compliance with the wastewater limits nevertheless, wastewater treatment can be completed by a space-saving OKO-tech flotation plant. The flotation plant, subsequent to the grease interceptor, will clean your waste water reliably and economically for indirect discharge which is in conformity with the law. The limits for greases and oils (lipophilic substances) are reliably met.


Case study food industry

Here you can download our case study for the sewage treatment at the food industry.

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