Mechanical Engineering / Plant Engineering

OKO-tech designs and manufactures disposal solutions as required for wastewater producers in the sector of mechanical engineering and plant engineering.

In the manufacture of machinery and systems, precision and quality must meet the highest standards. The required purity of surfaces is achieved by intensive washing processes using high pressure, temperature and detergents. The washing process is carried out in systems for parts cleaning and in degreasing baths at high pH values and high temperatures. Oils, greases, and dirt particles are washed off the surfaces of the components and thus pass into the wash water. For pickling stainless steel or aluminum, acids and bases are used that flow into the waste water when rinsing the material afterwards.

All these substances are usually dangerous substances (hazardous materials) and must not be discharged into the sewers without prior treatment. In addition, the wash water cannot be used as recirculating water without oil, grease and dirt having been separated first.

You can use our systems to achieve reliable treatment of these effluents. OKO-tech wastewater treatment systems treat these wash waters in such a way that they can be used as recirculating water or for indirect discharge compliant with water law.

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Case study mechanical engineering / plant engineering

Here you can download our case study for effluent treatment in mechanical engineering / plant engineering.