Metal Working / Metal Processing

For manufacturing and machining metal workpieces, water is used for cooling and oils are used as lubricants in the form of cooling lubricant emulsions. Thus, a wastewater is produced which consists of an oil-water mixture. This mixture must not simply be discharged into the sewers. Therefore, this cooling lubricant emulsion, also often referred to as drilling water or grinding emulsion, has to be separated into its components after use. Using our waste water treatment systems, you will get usable oil and purified water. This process is known as demulsification. The water can then be reused or discharged.

In addition, workpieces have to be cleaned after processing – the oily residues have to be removed. The wash water from parts cleaning contains oils or emulsions and has to be treated before use as recirculating water or indirect discharge into the municipal sewage treatement plant. OKO-tech wastewater treatment systems for the metalworking industry carry out these processes in an economical, fully automated and energy-efficient way.


The OKO-aquaclean flotation plants configured as emulsion breaking system treat both the above-mentioned machining emulsions and emulsion-containing wash waters from parts cleaning in such a way that the clear water produced can be used as recirculating water or it can be indirectly discharged in compliance with the law.

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Case study metal working industry

Here you can download our case study for wastewater treatment in the metal working industry.