Plastics Processing

Efficient waste water treatment systems are often indispensable in plastics processing industry. Water is needed for many production steps – and will be contaminated afterwards.

Thermoplastics are processed under heat and the use of release agents. The extruders used for this purpose are cooled by water. In the production of plastics (polymers), water is often used as process water. The process water is contaminated by the starting materials (monomers, oligomers) and cannot be re-used as circulation water without further treatment. Another example is the vulcanization process where wastewaters are produced, too. For their dimensional stability, synthetic rubbers are vulcanized under pressure and using hot steam. The resulting condensate requires treatment also.

We will find a customized system solution for each of these applications.
The OKO-tech experts provide efficient wastewater treatment plants for the plastics processing industry that operate as needed and demand only little energy.

Depending on the demand and the composition of the process water, circulation water or waste water, the OKO-aquaclean flotation plants are preferably used.

Flotation is one of the most effective and most flexible methods for treating industrial waster. Our plants are characterized by their ease of operation, energy efficiency and fully automatic operation. They can be used for treating industrial waters and process waters, whether they are lowly or heavily contaminated.  The low operating costs are due to the high performance of the system, with only a low demand of flocculants and energy.

Our compact high-performance flotation systems can be integrated into large-scale systems, but they are also available as a stand-alone solution for small volume flows.

As design-approved oil-water separators/coalescers, they take out tramp oils effectively in a purely physical way.If the oils are present as temporarily stable (unstable) emulsions, the flotation module is switched on and ensures separation. As emulsion breaking systems, the OKO-aquaclean flotation plants are equipped with appropriate dosing technology (further configuration level) and can demulsify even stable emulsions.

In addition, the dosing technology can be used for the coagulation of finely dispersed plastic particles / polymer residues in the wastewater. Thus, separating agents can also be removed from the waste water. The innovative coagulants used by us are characterized by lowest dosage amounts and lowest production of sludge.

We generally use treatment chemicals based on native inorganic and organic polymers - thus ensuring sustainability.

The waste waters are re-used as a circulating water - a further step towards wastewater-free production. For indirect discharge, the waste waters meet the legal requirements as a matter of course.

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Case study plastics processing

Here you can download our case study for wastewater treatment in plastics processing.