Workwear Rental Service and Textile Care

Due to high water consumption, laundries have an economic interest in the use of recirculated water. OKO-tech has developed optimized solutions for this purpose, as the usual membrane processes such as microfiltration and ultrafiltration have serious disadvantages. They are prone to blockages and require extensive rinse cycles for cleaning the membranes. Costs are high for membrane exchange, electric power and pump repairs – alternative methods should be very welcome.

The solution: OKO-tech flotation plants remove contaminants, lint, oils and even heay metals fully automatically, economically and energy-efficiently from the wastewater. The treated wastewater can thus be reused as cost-effective circulation water in the laundry, e.g. for pre-washing. A rational mix of circulating water and freshwater use ensures a high quality of the textile washing process, while observing energy efficiency and economy at the same time. Indirect discharge can be carried out in compliance with the legal requirements. The separated and dewatered residues of the wastewater treatment have only a small volume. Thermal utilisation is possible if their heating value is sufficient.

The small footprint of the flotation system is particularly appropriate for retrofitting existing waste water treatment plants. We offer four standard sizes with a flow of up to 24,000 l/h for small to large laundries.   Heat exchangers that are insensitive to contamination are available for heat recovery from the waste water. This investment usually pays off in less than a year, due to cost savings compared to ultrafiltration.

OKO-tech is at your service as a modular system supplier for your wastewater treatment plant - be it a new one, retrofitting or optimization. We offer design, turn-key assembling, commissioning and training.

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Here you can download our case study for effluent treatment in the textile care sector.