Waste Management Industry

For the waste management industry, we offer innovative and holistic solutions for treating liquid hazardous wastes. As compact wastewater treatment systems for industrial effluents, our physical-chemical wastewater treatment plants meet the specific requirements. Thanks to their modular design, they can be adapted to any annual throughput desired. 

We design and manufacture customized wastewater treatment plants on the basis of the respective material flows and capacity requirements. The advantages of our compact treatment systems: An early selection of phases such as oil, water and sludge minimizes treatment expense. A high degree of automation makes things easier for your staff and allows efficient and safe treatment. OKO-tech plants stand for "Best Available Technology" (BAT) in accordance with the EU requirements.

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As your partner and one-stop provider for the treatment of liquid wastes, we manage, on request, overall plant planning and realize a turn-key customer solution tailored to your needs. In close coordination with your company, we will design the best treatment facility for you. Our wastewater treatment systems are constantly being further developed. Various wastewaters are treated in our plants in such a way that they can safely be discharged into the sewage system under the provisions of the respective law.

Here, some examples for wastewaters/wastes which can be accepted and treated in our physico-chemical treatment plants:

  • Organic, oil-containing effluents/wastes, such as oil-water mixtures, oil interceptor contents, processing emulsions or degreasing baths
  • Organic, oil-free effluents/wastes, such as glue-containing wastewater, wastes from water-sprayed spray booths (paint sludge), latex emulsions or aqueous plastic sludges
  • Inorganic, neutral wastewaters/wastes, such as lime sludge, drilling mud or phosphating sludge
  • Acidic and alkaline effluents, such as used acids and bases or rinsing/washing waters containing heavy-metal salts

Depending on the composition of your collected material flows, various process/treatment lines can be installed in the OKO-tech physical-chemical WWTPs:

  • Removal of impurities by rotary sieves with continuous and discontinuous discharge
  • Intelligent tank system OKO-select for automatic phase detection and phase separation
  • OKO-aquaclean flotation plant in the configuration level emulsion breaking system
  • Neutralization with precipitation/flocculation
  • Heavy-metal precipitation
  • Evaporators/vacuum evaporators for rinsing waters containing complexing agents
  • Sludge dewatering by chamber filter press, decanter or dewatering container

Another interesting option for the waste management industry:
Our proven, type-approved mobile oil-water separators are the first choice as emergency measure in case of damages and for cleaning large oil interceptors on airports and military sites, for example. For refurbishing stationary oil interceptors, the mobile oil-water separators are used as bypass systems, thus avoiding disruptions and plant stoppage during refurbishment.

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Case studies Waste Management Industry

Here you can download some case studies for the treatment of industrial effluents in the Waste Management Industry.