Case study waste management industry

Waste Water Treatment in the Waste Management Industry

Please find here several case studies showing various applications of our waste water treatment systems in the waste management industry.


Case Study Waste Water Treatment up to 5,000 t/year


An Austrian waste management company could only use their vaccum truck half the time for servicing their customers. The other half was needed for transporting the collected waste to a far-away physico-chemical WWTP.
In 2002, the company commissioned OKO-tech to plan a small physico-chemical WWTP in order to minimize transport costs and to create added value from the waste.


  • reception of oil interceptor contents and industrial degreasing baths
  • flow 5,000 t/a
  • physico-chemical wastewater treatment process
  • recyclability of the separated oils
  • recyclability of the separated sludge as far as possible


  • plant design and assistance during approval procedure by OKO-tech
  • waste reception unit built by investor
  • waste water treatment carried out by an OKO-aquaclean 500E system
  • sludge draining carried out by a centrifuge of Austrian make


The plant has been operated reliably since 2004. Meanwhile, the company owns 3 vacuum trucks. The physico-chemical WWTP treats approx. 8,000 t/year.

waste water treatment up to 40.000 tons p.a.

The physico-chemical WWTP of an Austrian waste management company is situated directly in the city center of a major city. Lack of space limited necessary expansion, and resettlement was planned. The first tender procedure for the construction of a new physico-chemical WWTP was carried out in 2008. After several unsuccessful attempts to have a viable concept developed by planning offices, OKO-tech was charged with overall planning of the facility in 2012.


  • Treatment of oil interceptor contents, washing liquids, machining emulsions and neutralisation of acids and bases
  • Flow approx. 40,000 t/a
  • Completely closed system technology
  • Integration of an evaporator, biological waste water treatment and existing centrifuge
  • Operation of complete facility from one control station



  • Design, assembly and integration of existing components as well as commissioning of the facility by OKO-tech
  • Waste receival in ten upright tanks
  • Waste water treatment with two OKO-aquaclean 2500 systems in parallel, one evaporator and biological treatment
  • four storage tanks for waste oil, one stirrer tank
  • two subsurface clear-water tanks



The facility has been commissioned in April 2015 as latest physico-chemical WWTP in Europe.