New fixed-bed technology for biological treatment starts in test phase

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After several months of intensive preparation, the newly developed fixed-bed technology for biological treatment of industrial wastewaters containing organic contaminants has now been put into test operation. Already at the beginning of the adaptation phase, a rapid development of the desired biomass can be seen under the microscope. By using process-adapted packing material with a maximized surface area as carrier for the biomass, high degradation rates can thus be achieved on small volumes. Compared to conventional activated-sludge processes, energy costs for aeration can be reduced by 70%.

In parallel to the test phase, final design and assembly of the first serial system with a flow of approx. 5 m³/day takes place. This system will be installed at a nearby customer’s in summer 2019. Thanks to its modular design, the fixed-bed technology can be easily adapted to larger or smaller volume flows for an energy-efficient biological treatment of the industrial wastewater.

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