New oil detector available for OKO-tech systems

Sensitive towards oil - insensitive towards contaminations. This is a characterization to the point of the new oil-detector OKO-Oil-Det. Dirty electrodes are now a thing of the past. A novel measuring method in combination with dirt-repellent surface materials allows safe automatic detection of free oil phases even in heavily polluted sewage water.

Wherever free oil phases are to be detected and separated, as in

- emulsion breaking,
- groundwater remediation,
- separation of oil-water mixtures
- oil-water separator contents,

the oil detector OKO-Oil-Det can be used as an efficient sensor for process safety.

The oil detector OKO-Oil-Det is available as an optional initial equipment for the flotation systems / emulsion breaking systems OKO-aquaclean in the Profiline version as well as as a retrofit module for existing plants. This is also true for use in the OKO-select tanks. For a retrofit, simply contact us. We would be happy to make you an offer.

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