New OKO-aquaclean 2500 E in Austria

An Austrian waste management company has modernised their plant stock - they now use an OKO-aquaclean 2500 E system for treating waste waters containing oils and/or emulsions. The high-performance flotation and emulsion breaking plant can process up to 12,000 l/h, depending on the composition and the degree of pollution. State-of-the art control systems and sensors automatically ensure optimum flow, record the material properties and monitor the quality of the clarified water.

"Everything is fine, they can get started!" says OKO-tech service technician J├╝rgen Rakemann proudly. All OKO-aquaclean systems are always ready for "plug and play" when delivered to customers. They undergo various tests at the factory, for example a 48-hour trial operation during which they are tested intensively for permanent loads. Thus, the customer can rely on a ready-to-use system at the time of delivery.

The corporate principle of "disposal with responsibility" is fully implemented here - and the employees are looking forward to working with the efficient new "family member" after having been professionally trained by OKO-tech.

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