Pilot phase for treating landfill leachate successfully completed

OKO-tech developed an alternative method for physico-chemical treatment of the leachate from a landfill in Austria. Instead of using precipitation/flocculation by means of iron salts and lime milk, specific inorganic and organic polymers were used. This alternative method was verified in a field test which lasted several weeks. A flotation system OKO-aquaclean 500 E (flow: 1 m³/h) was used. By using specific inorganic and organic polymers, a safe reduction of the COD content in the landfill leachate from an average of 3500 mg/l to < 400 mg/l could be achieved in continuous operation. Compared to a process using iron salts and lime, the product-related amount of sludge could be reduced by more than 80 %. On the basis of the obtained data, detailed planning as well as preparation of the application for the construction permit for the wastewater treatment plant are currently being carried out.

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