We watch your wastewater: OKO-fos!

OKO-fos (floc optimization system) is a revolutionary system for automated dosing control of chemicals for wastewater treatment. By means of an electronic eye and a trainable software, the systems determines quickly and reliably whether the optimum amount of chemicals for treating the wastewater has been added. It recognizes on its own changing loads in the effluent and adjusts the dosage continuously. This automatic dosing system can be adapted individually to your wastewater by means of the trainable software application. OKO-fos takes over reliable monitoring and control of the physical and chemical treatment of your wastewater. Underdosing as well as overdosing, which both have negative effects on the wastewater treatment process, are reliably prevented. This is vital for optimum wastewater quality and reliable compliance with wastewater limits – combined with a lower consumption of treatment chemicals.

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