"Treatment of hazardous, contaminated effluents"

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DAKA - Treatment of Hazardous Wastes

The waste disposal company DAKA shows how hazardous wastes are treated in an OKO-aquaclean physico-chemical WWTP by OKO-tech!


News from the Powder Coating World

The Dresdner Pulversymposium focussed on basics, field reports and the latest developments in technology and legislation.


26. Pulversymposium Dresden 2016

A method for treating circulation water should meet various factors to achieve a perfectly clean surface, the basis for powder coating. Quality and cost-efficiency have top priority. Methods that meet these requirements were presented at the symposium. 


Physico-chemical treatment of hazardous liquid wastes

Rising energy costs and ever new chemical cocktails from industries require new technologies in facilities for the treatment of liquid hazardous wastes. OKO-tech has revolutionized the technology in physico-chemical treatment plants.


Flotation supports Filtration

Many process waters are filtered so that recirculation is sensible from an ecological and economical point of view. Typical recirculation processes can be found in machining of metals, in metal forming and in washing processes. Objective of filtration is the separation of particulate suspended matter from the process water.


Heavy-metal precipitation in waste water

Heavy metals such as nickel, copper, chromium, lead, zinc and mercury are contained in a variety of waste water streams. Main sources are processes in which metal salt solutions are used. The heavy metals gain access to the waste waters during washing and rinsing processes.


"Dialysis“ for process water recirculation - individual solutions

The pollution degree of effluents can vary greatly, depending on the formation process. The OKO-aquaclean system can treat effluents with the most cost-effective treatment process in each case, depending on the degree of pollution. Intrinsically safe monitoring in the automatic mode and compliance with all EU-BAT requirements ensure longevity.