Emulsion Breaking Systems

A mixture of two liquids, which cannot be mixed normally, is called emulsion. Emulsions are stabilized by the use of surfactants (emulsifiers). They are formed, for example, in commercial and industrial washing processes and may not be discharged into the water circuit without pretreatment.

Stable emulsions, such as used cooling lubricants, landfill leachate, process waters containing heavy metals and degreasing baths containing emulsifiers, are treated by physico-chemical treatment.

In order to optimize this process and to avoid product-related waste, OKO-tech focuses on individual solutions that meet the needs and requirements of your company. The modular OKO-aquaclean systems for industrial wastewater treatment are tailor-made to suit your needs. The module "emulsion breaking" is added to the OKO-aquaclean flotation system, thus enabling physico-chemical treatment of emulsions and emulsion-containing waste water as well as heavy metal precipitation. In close coordination with your company, we analyze and define the most efficient module compilation for your company. This is how we avoid unnecessary acquisition and operating costs and guarantee smooth integration of the OKO-aquaclean emulsion breaking plants into existing operating structures.

The module "emulsion breaking" includes, for example, dosing pumps, pH measurement / control and a sophisticated control system which carries out and monitors the process of emulsion breaking fully automatically. Equipped as emulsion breaking system, the OKO-aquaclean plants efficiently treat stable emulsions by means of modern and highly effective demulsifiers (organic agents). They also remove heavy metals from the waste water by means of modern and highly effective precipitants (heavy-metal precipitation).

Efficient Emulsion Breaking

The use of modern demulsifiers based on natural organic raw materials ensures efficient emulsion breaking with integrated separation of the oils and greases. In contrast to conventional emulsion breaking by salt and acid, this organic emulsion breaking produces only a very small amount of residual material and does not salt the wastewater. The pH of the treated effluent is not changed, in contrast to emulsion breaking by acid. As we do not use lime milk, no neutralisation sludge is formed. Thus, the disposal costs for residues are reduced considerably.

Even heavy metals are automatically precipitated, flocculated and separated. The investment and operating costs of an OKO-aquaclean emulsion separation unit are significantly lower than those of an ultra-filtration unit or an evaporator.