Flotation Plants: High-Performance Flotation

Flotation is traditionally considered as one of the most energy-efficient and flexible methods for treating industrial waste waters. As a manufacturer, OKO-tech has refined this method by developing a sensor-controlled high-performance flotation process. Separation efficiency and automation were significantly increased. It meets the requirements of Industry 4.0 by a networked sensor system for characterizing of the waste water, for pollution-dependent control and for quality control. Our compact high-performance flotation plant is available for integration into large-scale plants as well as a stand-alone solution for low flow rates.

Good useability, a high degree of automation and low maintenance – that is why our flotation systems are highly economical. 

Further information on high-performance flotation:

  • chemical-free separation of oils and particulates from parts cleaning water
  • demulsification plant for washing waters containing oil, grease, and emulsions
  • maintenance of cooling lubricants and demulsification of cooling lubricant emulsions
  • precipitation or flocculation, e.g. heavy-metal precipitation
  • paint coagulation and separation from circulating process water

In flotation, the buoyancy of the substances to be separated in the wastewater is increased by means of air. Fine air bubbles attach themselves to the dirt particulates and let them rise to the surface because of their lower density compared to the density of the surrounding liquid. There, they form a separable flotation froth layer. The smaller the bubbles, the higher the degree of purification. The high-performance flotation process developed by OKO-tech generates microscopic bubbles that enable highly efficient wastewater treatment.

The OKO-aquaclean® flotation system removes a partial stream of the pre-purified water while sucking in ambient air simultaneously. The water-air mixture is compressed so that the air dissolves in the water. The compressed material is admixed to the wastewater influent, with the air being released from the water in the form of millions of microscopic bubbles (so-called white water). These micro-bubbles attach themselves to the suspended solids such as oil and dirt particulates and float them to the water surface.

The high-performance flotation system has already performed well in many applications. It enables the use of energy-efficient and resource-saving plants for treating process waters and industrial effluents that are weakly or strongly polluted.

The quality of the modular plants for waste water treatment is reflected in the innovative nature of the methods used as well as in the fine workmanship and usability. The intrinsically safe, energy-efficient and fully automated mode of operation reduces costs and increases uptime.

Advantages of the OKO-aquaclean® flotation systems

•    very low power demand of only 0.6 kW/m³
•    residual oil contents of less than 5 mg/l in the clear water
•    fully automated operation, low maintenance
•    biocide-free reduction of germ count as an option
•    no cleaning cycles, no use of cleaning chemicals
•    minimal residue quantities of about 0.5 % of the treated quantity

Compared to other treatment methods such as centrifugation, evaporation or ultra-filtration, the OKO-aquaclean systems require only a fraction of electrical energy. There is no energy required for heating processes or for achieving high circumferential speeds.

In addition, the integrated PLC control unit controls performance and functioning by means of the control values obtained by the sensors and in conjunction with the operating software. Thus, the optimum is achieved between maximum efficiency and minimum operating costs during operation.

The OKO-aquaclean® flotation plant offers numerous advantages and can easily be integrated into existing systems. As a cost-efficient alternative, it can replace existing systems without much trouble, thus making effluent treatment in your company easier and more effective.

What is your current situation like? Let us check together how our wastewater technology can provide solutions and answers to your questions:

  • How can your wastewater treatment system become more productive and effective?
  • Are your treatment costs too high? Can they be reduced?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your current process?
  • Are the limits reliably observed?
  • Are the membranes of your ultra-filtration unit blocked once again?
  • Does you evaporator struggle with deposits in the heat exchangers? Are the hydrocarbon contents in the distillate too high?
  • Is the vapor compressor out of order again?
  • Does your precipitation/flocculation unit produce too much sludge?
  • Does the wastewater get too salty due to emulsion breaking by acid?
  • Is the gravel filter clogged and stinking?
  • Has the baffle plate thickener become overgrown again?

In daily use, little things decide whether a wastewater treatment plant is user-friendly. If the balance figures are also fine, the optimum is achieved.

OKO-aquaclean® flotation plants can be used for various task to achieve efficient and economical waste water treatment. Due to their compact design and the small footprint, they can easily be integrated into existing waste water treatment systems. The powerful PLC system in the Profiline series can integrate external components such as pumping sumps, receiving tanks and drainage systems. Alternatively, communication with existing PLC systems can be implemented via Profibus or CAN bus.

Application example: Flotation unit replaces evaporator!

In Germany, flotation is defined as state of the art for a multitude of applications in wastewater treatment. At European level, it is listed as BAT (Best Available Technique). The use of BAT - best available technique - is stipulated by the "IED Industrial Emission Directive" EU 2010/75/EU.

In addition to these certifications and awards, you can yourself verify the successful treatment of your waste water by an OKO-aquaclean® flotation system under real-life conditions. We will not use a test system for it, but an OKO-aquaclean® 500 series machine, fully equipped, with a flow of 1-5 m³/h, depending on wastewater composition. Verification can be carried out on site, lasting one or several days. Alternatively, you can send us about 4000 l of your wastewater which we will then treat together with you on our premises in Hessisch Oldendorf. Treatment of the wastewater will be documented and analyzed. A calculation tool will record the costs and determine the specific treatment costs per m³ of wastewater. This ensures maximum transparency and reliable data for a safe investment decision.

OKO-aquaclean® flotation plants are characterized by lowest operating costs and reliable compliance with limit values. The optionally integrated chemical-free UV sterilization process ensures compliance with hygiene requirements valid for recirculating process water. So-called water recycling can be carried out easily.

Application: „Made in Germany“ for Switzerland


OKO-aquaclean Flotation Plant

Flow rates: 100l/h up to 24,000 l/h.

Compact design, footprint:

  • from 1.5 m² (smallest plant OKO-aquaclean 200)
  • to 16 m² (largest plant OKO-aquaclean 8000)

Energy demand:

  •  approx. 0.6 kW only per m³ of treated wastewater! 

Special sizes: available according to customer requirements


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