Physico-Chemical WWTP / Waste Water Technology

Physical / Chemical Wastewater Treatment Plant for Industrial Effluents

As a plant construction specialist, OKO-tech designs and builds compact treatment facilities for industrial effluents. Depending on the industry-specific and water law requirements, OKO-tech will form the treatment plant that suits you best. Our customers get turnkey system solutions for the treatment of industrial wastewaters – an advantage we can offer as full-range supplier.

Our waste water treatment systems are constantly being developed – we will optimize processes for every requirement. For example, when waste waters contain oil-water mixtures, our systems will treat the water in such as way that it can subsequently be discharged into the sewer in line with legal provisions.

Some examples for wastewaters that can be treated by OKO-tech WWTPs:

  • wastewater containing mineral oils (oil interceptors)
  • wastewater containing grease (grease interceptors, emulsion breaking systems)
  • wash waters and degreasing baths containing emulsions
  • cooling lubricants emulsions (emulsion breaking systems)
  • wastewaters containing paint (paint-coagulation, flotation plants)
  • wastewaters containing heavy metals (heavy-metal precipitation in batch plants and continuous-flow plants)

Wastewater-free operation thanks to reuse of the clear water as process water is just another option provided by our space-saving and efficient waste water treatment plants. This method will save water and energy costs and pay for itself very quickly. Our treatment facilities for effluents are in accordance with the EU requirements for  "Best Available Technology (BAT). Please use the form below to download several application examples.

Systemlösungen zur Behandlung von Industrieabwasser
Montage einer CP-Anlage für Industrieabwasser

Vital components for effluent treatment are mobile oil-water separators, flotation plants, emulsion breaking systems als well as evaporators. Our space-saving waste water treatment plants can be used for neutralisation, precipitation, flocculation, detoxification, purification and treatment of aqueous wastes. Chemical-free effluent treatment is also possible when our methods are used.

Separating the individual raw materials suits the purpose of economic and cost-saving recycling of these resources. During sludge conditioning, for example, the sludges will be dewatered, thus reducing the total weight of the waste significantly – which will lower disposal costs.

Our systems meet the requirements for integration into an overall system control in terms of Industry 4.0. The OKO-select tanks are exemplary for this automation. The control system gets all necessary data thanks to the extensive sensor system, thus enabling completely automated filling and selective removal of the phases oil, water, and sludge.

Rotary sieves OKO-RoSi

For necessary separation of coarse material, we provide open or closed rotary sieves called OKO-RoSi featuring integrated sensor technology and automated removal of impurities.The new generation OKO-RoSi II features continuous removal of the separated material into a collection container. As an option, RoSi can detect free oil phases and adjust the pH.

OKO-tech develops optimized solutions when conventional methods show disadvantages. For example, we offer improved alternatives to traditional membrane processes (microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis. Membranes are prone to blockages and require complex and expensive purification processes. In addition, they require frequent pump repairs. OKO-tech flotation systems and evaporators provide more cost-effective, energy-saving and better alternatives. The OKO-tech wastewater treatment systems feature numerous refinements.

rotary sieve OKO-RoSi, closed version
Behandlungsanlage für industrielle Abwässer (Querschnitt)

Our proven project procedure for physico-chemical treatment plants:

  • individual initial consultation
  • as-is analysis and requirement profile
  • concept proposal for consultation with the customer
  • detailes planning
  • license application / modification application
  • installation
  • commissioning
  • after-sales service

In order to separate problematic pollutants and water successfully, you can use various methods. Thanks to our modular system solutions and our extensive prefabrication, the installation time on site is reduced to a minimum. Thus, the investment costs for your plant are reduced directly.

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Case studies Waste Management Industry

Here you can download some case studies for the treatment of industrial effluents in the Waste Management Industry.

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